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Mingjai - A nit picky gamer’s view

Woot Aion!

by Ming on Jul 28, 2009, under Aion, Gaming


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BFBC2 Unkock?

by Ming on Jul 27, 2009, under Gaming

hehe… nice typo EA!

Whoops EA typo!

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Red Faction

by Ming on May 31, 2009, under Gaming, Red Faction: Guerrilla


Red Faction is up next! Here’s just a few screen shots :) I know some people that worked on the game, so that’s why the credits images.

red_faction_2 red_faction_3 red_faction_4 red_faction_5 red_faction_6 red_faction_7

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Infamous Review?

by Ming on May 31, 2009, under Gaming, Infamous

Still working out a format for what I really write about. I’m leaning towards moreso only posting about the bad parts of games :). Maybe I will list the good and the bad of each game and go more into detail about the bad. Since everyone will know all the good parts of a game, I’ll focus on the bad. What games do wrong. With that, lets jump into Infamous. There are some spoilers, so read on with caution!

Infamous is a game about an explosion that causes your character, Cole, to gain powers of electricity. He can drain electricity and shoot it. The main plot of the game is, what will you do to the city after the explosion? Do you help the citizens of the city or do you wreak havoc and destroy everything? This post will be entirely from the Evil campaign point of view. Since I went Evil and I don’t plan on replaying the game to go through the story on Good. It seems like not much will change when I playthrough again on Good instead of Evil.


Grinding on rails

 The city itself looks good, but there are sometimes (especially during night time in this one area I was in, I forget what it was, the PS3 wasn’t hooked up to the capture card so I didn’t pics of it) where the color becomes washed out and everything is a tone of gray. In the pic to the left, Cole is grinding on the rails, this is one form of getting from place to place quickly. Although, most times I wish I could move around faster and not have to run everywhere. I find the best way to move around is to hop from rooftop to rooftop (after you get the glide ability).


Whoops text is slightly too long.

 The UI of the game is pretty much small and clean. You can see a picture of the HUD they have, it’s pretty much a GTA clone except the health/energy bar. Now, being a typical hardcore gamer, I didn’t read the instruction booklet at all. But it seems like the sections to the left of your HUD is your health bar. I didn’t realize this until I was on the final missions of the game. Go me right? The pause menu is pretty much clean and typical, so lets move onto gameplay.


This has to hurt... or does it tickle?

 So, you run around and get new powers whenever you reach one of these points where you go into the sewers and reconnect these things. I don’t know what they’re called even though they said it in the game :). It’s a pretty neat way to unlock powers for the first time, after then you spend experience points to unlock higher tiered versions of the powers. This approach is cool and all but some moves just felt like a, um.. I’m not sure what to do for Evil, I got it, lets just shot more at a time! One example of this is, the Megawatt Hammer ability that you can get in the game. This just shoots a giant ball of electricity. The good version of this is, you can shoot it into the sky and then whenever you shoot an electric bolt, the energy ball will change direction and go to the location you shot. The Evil version is, you have small grenades that shoot out with it also. It’s cool and all, but every single Evil ability does this, whether it be grenades or anything.


Close up of Cole.

The enemies in this game are no joke, they can kill you so fast if you let a bunch of them gang up on you. Now being electric powered the con is that you can’t use a gun. All the enemies have a gun and they always shoot at you no matter where you are because they always know where you are! This can be somewhat annoying because they can shoot down at you in angles where you can’t shoot back at them. Also, the AI seems to have it programmed in them that when you aim at them, they will run away so you can’t shoot them. How annoying is that? I wonder who thought it was a good decision to force the player to stop aiming and then aim again to try to get them to pop back out. Now, I will agree that enemies should know when the player is attacking them, but, aren’t they trying to kill you also? So if they never come out when you’re aiming at them, how are they going to do that? Sometimes the most annoying thing is, when you’re standing on a beam or platform with an edge, your controls change. Half the time you simply can’t move off of them when you’re trying to run away to get behind something so enemies would stop shooting at you. You have to hit X or hold O to get off these platforms. I know I died a few times because of this, it’s pretty annoying.


I use my arms as flash lights!

I use my arms as flash lights!

The cast of characters isn’t really likeable. There’s no character in the game that I really liked besides Cole. You have Trish, I’m not sure if that’s his girlfriend or what, but there’s this ongoing sometimes I love you sometimes I hate you. She calls him up in the beginning of the game all worried about him and such, but I think it’s because I went the Evil path that she hates my guts. Then you have Zeke, your best friend ever, which is an annoying character at that. I don’t know why but I just didn’t like the guy. On the picture to the left, it’s after completing a mission for Zeke where you find out what happened to this girl’s brother so that Zeke can get closer to the girl and what not. So he’s telling you what happened the next day when he saw her. Boring stuff. There’s a bunch of other people in the game, but you never really care for them at all, and they don’t really play a role in the game at all. Sasha, the leader of the reapers which you defeat early on in the game doesn’t play a role in the game afterwards except giving you evil missions. What a drag.. I honestly expected to clash with her again at a later point in the game (she escapes injured with reapers carrying her away when you defeat her in the beginning). 

Overall the game is enjoyable, the ending was a decent one. It did however have a strange twist at the end. I guess it opens up to sequels maybe? Here are some more screen shots.

infamous_4 infamous_5 infamous_7 infamous_8 infamous_9

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Valkyria Chronicles

by Ming on May 24, 2009, under Gaming

I just got a copy of this game today. Finally right? Here’s some screens :) These are all cutscenes in the game, I’ll get some in-game screen shots tomorrow whenever I boot up the game again.

valkyria_chronicles_1Capital Soldiers and Tanks on the BridgeRosie Bridge shot again.Isara, Welkin's sister L...something forgot his name.

I’ll go more in depth on the game later… And here’s a screen shot of the game’s mission/cinematic select list. They do it in the form of a book with pictures. It’s pretty well done however, sometimes I wish the cinematics would just keep playing instead of selecting one, then going to the load screen, back to the menu, just to select the next cinematic and go through the process again.

Menu/Level Select

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Capture Card Arrives!

by Ming on May 23, 2009, under General

Hurray! My capture card has arrived. Here’s a cap of the Terminator Salvation Main Menu :)

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Bionic Commando Impressions…

by Ming on May 17, 2009, under Gaming

So, after playing Bionic Commando on X360 for a bit, I’d have to say I’m not entirely impressed by the game. The idea with his bionic arm and being able to swing from almost anything is cool, however it can be really poorly executed at times. Unfortunately this isn’t a 2D scroller with only so many places you can swing on, to, and from.

(continue reading…)

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Starting over…

by Ming on May 17, 2009, under General

Getting a fresh start again at this blog thing. I will post more hopefully in the future. I have changed the blog to WordPress instead of Moveable Type. I didn’t like the moveable type interface. I like the WordPress style more. Also there’s a bunch of themes I can just download and modify :). As you can see with this theme, I’ve removed a bunch of the stuff that I don’t really need for this blog. Overall this blog will see posts about games, movies, anime, and such. Anything that’s on my mind at the current time. I hope to update more with my opinions on a lot of the games that have come out recently and such.

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